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Coleman Country Day Camp


Coleman Country Camp Uniforms


If camp is a distinctive community, it makes perfect sense for kids to have their own kind of dress there—it distinguishes them from all the other styles “du jour.” We like when our kids say, through their clothing, “we are a part of something!” It is a way to band together, to embrace each other, and to exhibit pride in the community they call their own!

In the great democracy of the camp community, we have a wonderful opportunity to say “we are one family.” We encourage our campers to wear T-shirts emblazoned with the spirit of camp, representing a bond to each other.

At a time when every child’s body is growing at a different pace, isn’t it nice to say, “no matter?” When younger children aren’t sure what to wear, isn’t it nice to think, “no matter?” When older campers are faced with the challenges of fitting in, isn’t it nice to pronounce, “no matter?”

It’s not an issue of individuality or conformity; rather, it’s a question of belonging. We have been told by child development experts that wearing uniforms also helps kids relate better. It’s liberating, it’s freeing; it makes kids more accepting of their own bodies and less likely to be teased.

Our camp tees help punctuate that we are a separate culture, one that tells the story of a community of connections and equality.