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by Campers & Their Families

REWARD: Campers are unearthing their talents, devising their dreams, and finding who they want to be. Friendships are made, self-confidence is built, character is strengthened, goals are realized, and happiness thrives. Children leave their comfort zones, expand their stretch zones (where the learning takes place), and sidestep their panic zones. The Power of Fun motivates this wondrous journey.

Dream It,
Plan It, Do It

Growing Up Coleman

Regardless of what age campers join us, they instantly become a part of our camp family. We meet our campers right where they are—whatever age, whatever stage—and we make sure that Coleman Country affirms their needs and fulfills their wishes. We protect the magic.

Smiling swim instructor teaches young camper
World Class,
Action-packed Ranch

“Like Disney World in Your Own Backyard “

We call it The Ranch – with a capital “T”– for proper homage. Campers enter an otherworldly expanse when they stride through the metaphorical “barn doors.” Camp looks fresh every year, because there’s always something new to complement the outstanding facilities.

Camper sits on zipline vehicle
Physically and
Emotionally Safe

Everyone Gets A’s: Athletics, Aquatics, Adventure, Arts

We celebrate effort and exploration; direction, not perfection! Campers are encouraged to try everything, and then they factor in electives as they grow up with us. We design a nurturing climate where children are fortified to step out of their comfort zones.

Football instructor teaching campers how to play football

Modern fleet of air-conditioned buses

Camp begins and ends at the bus; the safety and spirit of camp are part of the ride.

Counselor helping a camper off of the bus.
The Coleman Way

The Power of Fun

We call it the Power of Fun! Lifelong learnables are hidden in heaps of play and laughter. In our kid-centric town, children explore, learn, and grow. They Dream Big. They picture success. They set goals. They invent their best selves. “I can’t” turns into “I can’t yet.” “I can try” ultimately becomes, “You bet I can!” POWER is the serious, protective layer that supports kids through the FUN, as they learn to think for themselves, stand up for themselves, and keep their imaginations strong.

Smiling campers play in water spray

Giddy up!

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