Group of kids sitting in a circle on a field

Get Acquainted Day

Get Acquainted Day (GAD) is a special one-hour program that occurs before camp begins. At GAD, campers and families come to Coleman Country to meet their counselors and other youngsters in their group. Families have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the people of Coleman Country and to get a feel for the lay of the land.

When you come to camp on this day, bring a labeled bag to be left in your child’s cubby at the pool that contains two labeled swimsuits and sweatshirt. Nursery and kindergarten campers also need a labeled rest mat and a complete change of clothing in a labeled shoebox. Pre-ordered camp wear is available for pickup during this time, and these items are also on sale in the gymnasium above the Chow Hall. Remember, Coleman Country campers are expected to wear a Coleman Country T-shirt every day of camp! Two shirts are provided free of charge.

Prompt arrival is important—the formal portion of GAD lasts just one hour and begins on time! You are welcome to arrive early or stay late and spend some extra time on The Ranch with your family.

Once your child is settled in, you are invited to participate in a parents’ session with the supervisors of your child’s division. This meeting is designed to help you be an active partner in camp life. During this program, we provide insights into our Coleman Country goals and philosophies. We are also happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

Counselors and campers aren’t the only ones you can meet and greet at GAD. Stop by the Nature Shack to introduce your campers to this year’s fuzzy creatures. Once there, you can also sign up for a pet sleepover from the Critter Corral for the weekend!