Campers on a trip to Hershey factory.

Optional 49ers Overnights

Blazing Trails

The original 49ers explored the West during the Gold Rush; and in Coleman Country, the 49ers also relish venturing out into undiscovered territory! Coleman Country is built on the philosophy of progression—as campers grow, camp grows with them. Our senior campers, the 49ers, enjoy the addition to their schedule of exciting weekly day trips (at no additional charge). On these excursions, campers bond with friends and counselors at hot spots such as water parks, theme parks, historic destinations, and more!

While these travel opportunities are incorporated into the camp day, we also offer awesome optional overnights (at a nominal charge to cover expenses, such as coach buses and hotel accommodations). Trips vary each summer to ensure that 49ers have the opportunity to visit different places during their five-year stint in this division.

Overnight Adventures

Group of boys in a group on an overnight adventure
Group of boy campers standing in front of Gallows Hill sign
Group of boy campers in front of Great Wolf Lodge sign
Group of girl campers on Boston Duck Tours bus
Group of campers on Boston Duck Tours Bus
Group of girl campers at the beach
Group of girl campers in front of a dinosaur statue
Group of girl campers on a dock at a marina
A few girl campers at a water park
Large group of girl campers on an overnight trip
Group of girl campers with the Hershey mascot
A few boy campers in front of the Hydra roller coaster sign
Large group of campers in front of Quincy Market
Group photo of campers at a theme park.
Two campers in an inner tube at a water park.