Interior of Coleman Country athletics dome.

Athletic Group Rentals

Coleman Country Play

  • Highest Quality Turf Fields
  • On-Site Parking
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • High Ceilings
  • Heated
  • Spectator Seating

Coleman Dome

45,000 sq ft

Field: 70 yards long by 46 yards wide

Divided into 2 fields: 46 yards long by 33 yards wide with 4-yard buffer in between

Dome field home plate.
Dome field corner.
Dome field first base.
Dome field lines.
Dome field lines.
Dome field exterior at night.
Dome field corner.

Coleman Bubble

18,000 sq ft

Field: 46 yards long by 33 yards wide

Bubble field corner.
Bubble field logo.
Exterior of the Bubble field.
Side of bubble field.
Side of bubble field.
Full bubble field.
Bubble field corner.

Grand Playhouse

14,000 sq ft

Field: 35 yards long by 25 yards wide

Grand Playhouse Rear Corner
Grand Playhouse Front Exterior
Grand Playhouse Front Corner
Grand Playhouse Front
Grand Playhouse Stage
Grand Playhouse Side
Grand Playhouse Field Logo

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