Campers all laying down on the field looking up at the camera.

Growing Up Coleman

Regardless of what age campers join us, they instantly become part of our extended family, and the Coleman Country family becomes a part of them. We meet our campers right where they are—whatever age, whatever stage—and we make sure that Coleman Country fulfills their needs and unwraps their dreams.

Coleman Country grows with campers, and we make sure every year includes fresh, age-appropriate activities and facilities. Daily goings-on are always tailored to the stamina, interests, and developmental objectives of each age group. Coleman Country’s program follows a progression that advances along with each child.

This kid-centric structure is our framework for fun: we offer the right opportunities, with the right help, at the right time, and in the right way! We call it scaffolding for success.

It’s always new. It’s always dynamic. Always deliberate. Intentionality is our byword; “stuff” is our signature! Everything we do has a purpose, and there’s always a playful way to get there.

Speaking of intentionality, the pioneering spirit of our western theme is reflected in our division names: Pioneers, Scouts, Explorers, 49ers… We often reference our ancestors’ legacy; they explored new places and tried new things.

There’s always a trail to blaze on the frontier.

“A magical place for my children that makes them light up! The Colemans make every effort to give the ‘wow’  factor and make every family of every camper feel like they are part of the magic.”