Special Events

“Stuff” Dreams Are Made Of

Sky's the Limit

Every day is special in Coleman Country! Our dazzling special events are one-of-a-kind treats that appear throughout the summer, some anticipated and some astounding. Each singular activity that helps define the “stuff” we do combines to foster the excitement, spirit, and non-stop fun that is synonymous with Coleman Country. While some special events are annual or bi-annual highlights like Wet’n’Wild, Slip’n’Slide, Frivolous Friday, and Olympics, others are unprecedented epic occasions. From sky divers and fly-overs to parachutists and hot-air balloon launches, we really mean it when we say these days are “out of this world.”

Our Special Events

Large group cheers during color run spray
Two campers ride down slip 'n' slide
Campers cheer while on fair ride
Explorer Extravaganza group poses for photo
Group cheers while covered in bubbles
Three people appear as neon lights in the dark
Group of young campers in colorful outfits
Two girl campers running and getting color thrown on them
A couple of campers running in the color run
Two boy campers running and getting color thrown at them
Hands up in the dome, dancing with green lights all around
Boy campers and a few counselors all wearing glow necklaces
Campers and counselors dancing in the dome with purple lights and glow necklaces
Campers throwing color chalk from the run into the air
Campers dancing in the dome with pink lights
Confetti in the air and campers dancing
Campers dressed in purple playing a game.
Campers on a slip-n-slide.
Large inflatable structure in the pool.
Group of campers all in purple in a huddle.
Campers throwing color chalk from the run into the air
Pioneers on stage for Pioneer Lovefest.
Group of campers with lady bug crafts.
Group of campers all dressed in yellow.
Girls soaking wet on field.
Girl with goggles on enjoying field day.
Campers playing on the field.
Two boys running together in the color run.
Campers with I Love CCDC shirts on.
  • BINGO and movie
  • Battle of the 49ers
  • Bubble Fest
  • Coleman After Dark
  • Color Run
  • Explorer Extravaganza
  • Filthy Friday
  • Frivolous Friday
  • Great American Country Fair
  • Lightning World Cup
  • Lip Dub
  • Neon Day
  • Paint Party
  • Parent GaGa
  • Parent Ninja Night
  • Parent visiting
  • Rodeo
  • Scout Showcase
  • Slip ‘n slide
  • Water cannons
  • Wet’ n 'wild
  • X Games