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Coleman Country Day Camp Giding Principles

Coleman Day Camp Guiding Principles

Our Values and Our Vision

At Coleman Country, our decisions are guided by our shared values and our vision for the future. These guidelines are known throughout camp and ensure consistency in everything we say and do.

Coleman Country is a community...

Where kids grow, learn, develop life skills, and practice growing up

  • They learn how to make good decisions and influence their own futures
  • They reach a new comfort zone because safety nets are in place to catch them if they fall
  • They discover new talents
  • They make mistakes which are celebrated as opportunities for learning

Where safety and fun are the two key ingredients

  • Kids feel a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Kids feel empowered to make good choices
  • Kids appreciate freedom with clear boundaries
  • Kids have more fun than they can ever imagine

Where adults are positive role models, coaches, and cheerleaders

  • Counselors have meaningful relationships with campers
  • Counselors have a sense of responsibility for campers
Coleman Day Camp Guiding Principles

Where we build stronger, more compassionate, more competent kids

  • They believe they can make a difference in the world
  • They are part of something bigger than themselves
  • They feel responsible for their own success
  • They learn coping skills
  • They feel connected
  • They feel loved, capable, and safe

Where campers are encouraged to try new and harder things

  • They are supported by a staff trained to focus on the emotional and physical safety of campers
  • They often discover new strengths or hobbies at camp
  • They find out new things about themselves

Where relationships are created

  • They make new friends
  • They always feel like they are part of a group
  • They believe that they belong!