Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


Transportation Information for Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country’s Door-to-Door Transportation

Safe, Efficient, Fun:
Coleman Country’s
Door-to-Door Transportation

Camp begins the moment your child steps onto the bus in the morning, and does not end until he or she gets off the bus at the end of the day. In Coleman Country, every child receives door-to-door, round trip transportation. The safety and spirit of camp is a part of each ride. Our caring, enthusiastic bus counselors are always there to ensure a fun, safe trip.

Door to door transportation to Manhattan/NYC

Coleman Country's fleet of buses is carefully routed, so the trip to and from most areas is 35 minutes or less. Our vehicles are all modern air-conditioned mini buses that are meticulously maintained and equipped with seat belts.

Highly-trained, Certified Drivers

At Coleman Country we follow guidelines and training practices that exceed those of the New York State Department of Transportation. All of our drivers are thoroughly trained and are certified with a New York State Commercial Driver’s License. Each driver receives additional training at camp by a member of our own driver-training staff. All drivers are accompanied on their route by a responsible bus counselor.

"Melissa is ecstatic to get on the bus each morning and raves endlessly each afternoon upon her return home. Camp doesn't end until she arrives at our door." Coleman Country Parent