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Coleman Country Day Camp Job Descriptions

Everyone Lends a Helping Hand

At camp, everyone does a little bit of everything, and everyone dreams big! You will find that your position often includes things that you never thought of doing, like coaching a child to be responsible for his own choices or dressing up in a silly costume. Still, we do have different types of jobs, and it is helpful to review them all so that you can choose the one that best fits your talents and interests.


Coleman Country Day Camp Job Descriptions

GROUP COUNSELORS are responsible for 15-20 campers within a certain age group. You will care for these campers’ needs throughout the day and will travel with them to their different activity periods. At these activity areas, you will assist the activity counselors (specialists) with group dynamics and with skills demonstration (when you are familiar with the skill). By providing encouragement and support to your campers, you will lead them to accomplish things they never thought they could!

SPECIALISTS (ACTIVITY COUNSELORS) are almost the same as group counselors. The only real difference is that rather than travelling with a single group, you will teach a specific skill (e.g. soccer, swimming, drama) to a variety of groups that visit you during their activity period. In a typical day, you will see many more campers, providing constant positive feedback and guiding them to strive for excellence in all they do. Sample activity areas include swim instruction, lifeguarding, boating, archery, tennis, athletics, horseback riding, nature, challenge course, rock climbing, dance, drama, music, ceramics, woodworking, arts & crafts, cooking, and more!

GROUP COUNSELORS and SPECIALISTS must have already completed at least one year of college.

ASSISTANT GROUP COUNSELORS and ASSISTANT SPECIALISTS are entering 11th grade, 12th grade, or college, and have the same positions as those described above.

COUNSELORS-IN-TRAINING are entering 9th and 10th grades. If you are interested in a summer in the outdoors where you can gain work and leadership experience for the future, while also socializing with your peers in a wholesome environment, visit the application section of our site or call us for details. There is a tuition fee for this program to defray the costs of bus transportation and other included services.


DIVISIONAL DIRECTORS are experienced teachers, coaches, and parents. They serve as supervisors to our group counselors and also direct a specific age group of boys and girls. Supervisors’ responsibilities include providing guidance and support in terms of group management, organizing divisional activities, and handling all parent communications.

AREA SUPERVISORS are also experienced teachers, coaches, and parents who oversee our specialists. They provide guidance and support in terms of program management and skill instruction.


OFFICE STAFF take care of the administrative happenings at camp and keep camp organized and running smoothly. They are our customer service operation, answering parent phone calls, and helping out in any administrative way possible.

MEDICAL STAFF are registered nurses (or higher certification) who work out of the Health Center and handle first aid incidents, ill campers, and distribution of medications.

MAINTENANCE STAFF keep all areas of camp safe, clean, and attractive by making minor repairs, landscaping, removing trash, building new creations as necessary, and helping out wherever needed!

CULINARY STAFF prepare and serve lunch and snacks each day. Other duties include dining hall set-up and clean-up, and keeping all food areas sanitized.