Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


Discover The Spirit

The Heart of Coleman Country

It’s our incredible people who create the spirit of Coleman Country. These extraordinary individuals form a team that serves as the heart of camp, making it so special summer after summer, year after year.

The People

What makes Coleman Country really exceptional is the quality of the people who spend their summers here (campers and staff alike). They come together on The Ranch to form a close-knit community where everyone is supported and challenged to be their best.

The Fun

Coleman Country is awesomely, superbly, extravagantly FUN! There are always new activities to try, friendships to make, and memories to create. We have heaps of spirit and energy, and we spend a lot of time outdoors—playing, exploring, and discovering exciting adventures together!

Making a Difference

You will have the power to enrich children’s lives in lasting and meaningful ways. What you say and do may stay with a child for years. They will want to be like you and will become stronger and more confident because of the impact you make. They’ll remember the way you cheered them on at the climbing wall when they thought they couldn’t go any further, or how you encouraged them to swim across the pool. They’ll go home with new skills, new friends, and new role models—and they’ll attribute a lot of their success to you.

The Benefits

We provide top-notch perks for our first-class staff including an extensive training program led by nationally-recognized experts in youth development, delicious meals, and tons of spirit. Our high staff-to-camper ratio (1:3) also allows us to offer ample time off.

Our Appreciation

You are the ones changing the world for our campers, and we treat you with the respect and appreciation that you are due. You will be part of a team whose watchwords are consideration and kindness at all times.

Future Career Skills and Experience

Teamwork, decision-making, leadership, loyalty, strong organizational skills, experience talking to groups, and the ability to lead are among the skills you will realize. After your summer with us, we’d be glad to provide you with a letter of recommendation detailing those proficiencies. You’ll gain experience that’s incredibly valuable no matter what road you choose in life.