Line of campers splash from edge of pool

Water Works for Life

Dive In

Swimming is at the core of our program. Campers swim twice daily (one instructional, one free swim) in our temperature-controlled pools. Every skill is taught – based on readiness – from fundamental water safety to American Red Cross Guard Start. Under the leadership of our swim director, more than 50 Nassau County certified lifeguards and American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors form teaching clusters according to camper ability. Timid swimmers are respected; however, they are skillfully encouraged by our mature, professional swim staff. Facilities include locker rooms with dressing areas, secured cubbies, showers, and lavatories adjacent to the pools. Swimsuits are laundered on premises after every swim in our own laundry room, and clean towels are provided with each swim.

Camp families have the option of extra lessons. These services are provided by licensed and certified instructors, and payment is made directly to the instructor.  While lessons are available, please know that our regular swim program include excellent instruction. Private lessons are given after the camp day, and parents must provide transportation for their campers. Private half-hour swim lessons are offered at 4:30 and at 5:00. Parents are invited to observe the lesson; they must be present at the conclusion of the session.

Our Aquatic Activities

Young camper makes a splash at the end of a water slide
Two young campers play in the splash zone
Two campers dive into pool
View across primary Coleman Country pool
Swim instructor helps camper with diving posture
Swim instructor uses pool weight to teach young camper
Large pool inflatable shaped like sweets
Two campers exit water slides into pool
Swim teacher supporting a young camper in the pool as she swims
Older swim teacher helping a young camper learn to swim
Campers playing with water toys.
Group of girl campers in the pool.
Counselor with two young campers in the pool.
Boy campers playing basketball in the pool.
Boy playing water polo.
Counselor teaching a camper to swim.
Counselor with three young campers in the pool.
Group of campers playing with aquatic toys.
Counselor and camper with rubber ducks on their heads.
Counselor teaching a camper to swim.
Counselor teaching a camper to swim.
Three counselors each with a camper teaching them how to swim.
  • Competitive swim
  • Diving
  • Lifesaving
  • Swimming
  • Water basketball
  • Water carnival
  • Water park
  • Water polo
  • Water slide
  • Water volleyball