Two campers face off during football game

Healthy Competition

We promote healthy competition—giving campers a chance to accept challenges that lead to teamwork and personal bests and to evaluate their strengths and identify areas for growth.

We know that it is essential for kids to learn not only to lose gracefully, but also to win with grace! By helping campers overcome adversity, we endorse high-spirited participation and avoid excessive rivalry. And we champion resilience.

So do we compete? Yes. But we are not “driven” by competition. Effort is our rallying cry, as we encourage contribution and good sportsmanship without judging outcomes. Try your best. Full stop.

Opposing sides of camp Olympics shake hands
Team celebrating.

Camp is about pushing your limits, trying something new, feeling proud of both yourself and of your team. And there’s no harm done if you lose a tennis match or trip during a track relay: you’ll get a high-five and a ‘great job!’ from your whole group anyway.