Entering Ninth and Tenth Grades

CIT campers jumping in the air.

About Counselors-in-Training

Our most mature campers are eligible to be part time camper and part time staff member. Coleman Country CITs gain work experience for the future (sometimes their “first job”) and develop leadership skills. They also enjoy participating in camp activities and socializing with their peers.

Some CITs are former campers who have grown up with us, while others join us as first-timers. All CITs are in training to become assistant counselors; our program includes workshops on interacting with campers and with supporting counselors. CITs may be part of the group staff team or they may be assigned to a specialty area, such as swim or arts and crafts.

There is a tuition fee which defrays the costs of bus transportation and other included services. Visit the application section of our site or call for details.