Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


Age Divisions and Schedules at Coleman Country Day Camp


Coleman Pioneers


Pioneer Sample Schedule

Nursery School through Entering Kindergarten

The Pioneers are the youngest campers in the Coleman Country family. They are led by Anna Coleman and Michelle Berger. Head counselors in each group (experienced moms!) are keenly aware of the needs and energy levels, both physical and social, of these V.I.P. campers. Everything is in reach for the under three-foot set—from the rim of the basketball net to the oversized target in beachball baseball.

With five counselors in a group of approximately 16 children, and a squad of specialists in every area, these young explorers are challenged with age-appropriate tasks involving small and large motor skills. Nurturing care and loads of fun combine to put big smiles on the faces of our littlest campers!

Coleman Scouts


Scouts Sample Schedule

Entering First and Second Grade

Our high energy Scouts Division is led by Meredith Wilk and Ed Stankewick. A Scout’s typical day at The Ranch includes all available activities and incorporates all facets of camp life. Scouts love taking on new challenges and adventures while building lasting skills and friendships.

First graders participate in “Don’t Laugh at Me,” a program dedicated to creating a compassionate, safe, respectful environment, free of bullying and ridicule. Second graders enjoy a Club period each day when they can specialize in an area of selected interest.

Coleman Explorers


Explorers Sample Schedule

Entering Third and Fourth Grade

The Explorers division, headed by Michele Mann and Dimitri Bernadel, offers big fun for growing campers! Explorers enjoy all the activities on The Ranch, along with an opportunity to choose areas of special interest during Club periods. Options include athletic clinics, crafts, hobby areas, aquatics specialties, and/or artist-in-residence workshops.

Explorers get the chance to experience the commitment and camaraderie of teamwork through participation in intramurals. Teams face off on rinks, courts, or diamonds to test their newly honed abilities and practice cooperation and teamwork, while their coaches lend encouragement and inspiration.

Coleman Forty Niners


Forty Niners Sample Schedule

Entering Fifth through Eighth Grade

“Big” Bob Ednick, Margie Noble, and Michael Mayo supervise these senior campers to take their Coleman Country experience to the highest level. While we believe that younger campers should be exposed to all activities so that they can make enlightened choices later in life, we encourage senior campers to tailor their own summer days to create optimal fun and personal skill development. That’s why these campers design a good portion of their own program.

A typical day for our 49ers includes a variety of activities as well as daily and weeklong blocks of time dedicated to the pursuit of Selective and Club options. Options include artist-in-residence workshops, crafts and hobby areas, and/or athletic clinics. The artists and athletes-in-residence are chosen for their skill and ability to share their enthusiasm for their special talent. Past summers’ professionals have included a pro football kicker, ballerina, champion body-builder, chain saw sculptor, mural artist, juggler, and magician, to name a few. In addition, all 49ers enjoy the privilege of venturing outside the Coleman Country grounds on exciting weekly day trips and those who choose can also take part in our incredible optional overnights! Find out more about 49ers Trips.


Entering Ninth and Tenth Grade

Our most mature campers are eligible for the opportunity to enjoy being a sometimes camper and sometimes staff member! Coleman Country CITs get the chance to gain work experience for the future and to develop leadership skills. They also enjoy participating in camp activities and socializing with their peers. Check out the Staff section for more information!