Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


Enhanced Programming

We are thrilled to announce some details about the new enhanced program for all campers 3rd grade and older. Whether you love the arts, sports, STEM, or traditional camp favorites, we've got you covered!

Explorers (campers entering 3rd and 4th grades) will continue to have Club as they have previously, but they will now also have a 45-minute "X Factor" time where they can focus on an area of personal interest. 49ers (campers entering 5th through 8th grades) will take advantage of our new programming during their Selective time.

For those who can't get enough sports, we will be bringing in professional coaches in baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball to run instructional, skills-oriented clinics as well as to lead spirited games. Coaches will be of the highest caliber and will have significant credentials.

Play Ball!

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Soccer will be led by the Juventus Soccer Academy. Juventus F.C. is a professional Italian Soccer Club widely considered among the best in the world. Juventus runs programming at our facility throughout the year, so we know first-hand their instruction is tremendous. All soccer fields will be cleared for use by Juventus for this program, and ratios will be kept low.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball instruction will be provided by Batting 1000 Seminoles. They will be supplying us with their top coaches and will keep ratios at 10 to 1 or better. All four baseball fields will be utilized simultaneously, and Batting 1000 will use stations to ensure campers the best in specialized instruction. Areas of focus will include, hitting, pitching, fielding, base running, and more.

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Basketball will be led by the boys and girls Baldwin High School varsity coaches Darius Burton and Tom Catapano.

Darius Burton was a standout on the Hofstra basketball team during his collegiate playing career. He was a high school All American in both basketball and soccer and is a member of the prestigious Long Island Sports Hall of Fame.

Tom Catapano's Baldwin team won yet another county title last year and also captured the state championship. Tom was named as Nassau County Coach of the Year and also as New York State Coach of the Year. Basketball instruction will take place in our 15,000 square foot air-conditioned Grand Playhouse, and all basketball courts will be used for instruction.

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Interested In Cutting Edge Technology?

We are very excited to introduce STEM programming options! Campers will have the opportunity to learn about robotics, coding, drones, and more. We have a full-time staff member who will be leading these programs, so we will be offering STEM options during Club, too.

Calling All Actors and Musicians!

Coleman Country favorite Diane will continue to run our drama production (Broadway Productions) during Club, but it will now only be for 2nd through 4th graders. This will allow our younger campers to be the stars of the show. During our new Selective programming, 49ers will now be presenting their own drama production and will put on a high-level show that features only our oldest kids. Explorers will be able to use their "X Factor" time to join an acapella group led by a terrific music teacher joining the CCDC staff.

Artist-in-Residence Showcase

Our very own talented artist Maria will offer specialized opportunities in the creative arts, including mural-painting, set design, and more.

Of course, traditional camp favorites like GaGa, tennis, arts and crafts, cooking, etc. will also be available as choices.

As always, we strive to deliver the best and most exciting programming to our campers. We are confident that the ability for campers to customize the program to their preferences will ensure the best summer ever!

Coleman Country - it gets better every year!