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Frequently Asked Questions for Coleman Country Day Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have policies?

In a small, close-knit community like camp, it is important that everyone knows what is okay and what is not okay. With this kind of consistency, children know what to expect, and they begin to learn how to be good members of a community—not just to do what feels good for them. Our policies are in place because they make sense for kids!

What is the "Code of Living"?

At the beginning of every summer, our campers and counselors create a “Code of Living,” a set of guidelines that will direct their actions while at Coleman Country.

What is the Tease-Free Zone?

At Coleman Country, we don’t tolerate any behaviors that hurt the feelings of others. We are a Tease Free Zone, where teasing and bullying are never tolerated. We are committed to educating our campers about respect, kindness, and how to be a good friend. In Coleman Country, we coach our campers to be “Upstanders” rather than bystanders. Our program, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” with a signature song of the same name, is the core of our community-building agenda.

What is the phone call policy?

Parents receive a phone call from a divisional supervisor before camp begins and from a counselor after the first week of camp. We want parents to feel free to call the camp at anytime with questions or concerns. Please ask for the divisional supervisor for your child, although you may always speak to a member of the Coleman family.

What is the safe footwear policy?

Campers live an active, outdoor lifestyle! Therefore, all camp footwear should be safe and stable on uneven or soft ground. That means sturdy sneakers everyday!

How do you handle transportation changes?

If you need to change a pick-up or drop-off location or time, we request that you notify us by 1 p.m. on the same day you wish to make the change.

What is the policy regarding uniforms?

Campers wear Coleman Country camp T-shirts (use this phrase “Coleman Country camp t-shirts” as the LINK and link it to Uniforms 101) each day. This eliminates the pressure and resulting competition that campers often feel about what to wear to camp. It also gives kids a sense of community and belonging.

Are there choices within the camp program?

While each group has a schedule of activities to ensure that every camper samples all of our wide variety of camp offerings, there is still time for focus on areas of special interest. Our youngest campers benefit from a diverse schedule adjusted to their individual and group preferences, while older campers enjoy more independence and choice.

How much choice is there?

Depending on their age, campers have up to two choices daily. Children entering grades 2-4 select a “Club” for a two-week cycle, which they attend every day. Senior campers in grades 5-8 also choose a Club, plus an additional “Selective” period each day.

Where do most campers come from?

Campers come from just about every town on the South Shore of Long Island, border-to-border of Nassau County!

What if my camper doesn’t know anyone?

The term “fast friends” should have been invented for camp. So, don’t worry, many of our campers don’t have friends until the second hour of the first day!

How do campers get to camp?

We provide door-to-door round trip bus transportation on our modern fleet of school buses and vans. Our bus routes are carefully designed to keep trip lengths to 35 minutes or less for most areas.

When is Visiting Day and how does it work?

See your child in action at Visiting Evening (for campers entering grades 1 and above) or on Visiting Day (for younger campers).

What is a typical day like?

There is no such thing as a typical day in Coleman Country! Though we adhere to a schedule to make sure campers have a well-rounded experience (check out our sample schedules to learn more), surprises and special activities are always popping up! And, it is certainly true that Coleman Country events are like no other! We arrange everything from theme days to extraordinary performers, to artists-in-residence, to Circus of the Kids, just to name a few!

How is the food?

Our chefs prepare nutritious, delicious, “kid-friendly” hot lunches that are served family style. We are a “nut-aware” camp, and we also are able to accommodate a variety of special diets. The “Chow Hall,” our main dining facility, is air-conditioned, and our outdoor dining pavilion attracts natural breezes. There is an afternoon snack of ice cream or ices, and younger campers also enjoy a morning snack.

What if my child needs medical care?

“Wounded Knee,” our modern health center, is staffed with four RNs who are always ready to care for your child if needed. Our nurses will always call you if your camper comes to visit for more than a scrape or splinter. We also have a pediatrician on call for consultation. The health center staff is there to dispense medication when required, first-level health care if indicated, and TLC all the time! Our ultimate goal is to be proactive and to practice prevention by safeguarding against accidents and illness as much as possible.

How does the camp ensure the safety of campers?

Safety and security take top priority. Coleman Country is completely secluded from the surrounding area, and entrance to camp is permitted only through the main gate. All visitors must be approved by directors, are required to check in and out, show identification, and wear nametags at all times in camp. Staff members also wear name badges and uniforms.

What if my child is homesick?

Yes, it is possible to miss home even if you’re returning to it every night! Our staff is trained to help children adjust to being away from home—a skill your child will be able to draw on later in life, whether for sleep-away camp, college, or marriage!

What is your philosophy regarding competition?

Coleman Country is a community where all members care about, support, and cheer on those around them. With our focus on instruction, each camper is encouraged and supported to give their best effort. At the same time, we are coaching life skills, including the ability to be gracious in both victory and defeat.

What is the ratio of campers to staff?

Every group of approximately 15-18 campers has a head counselor, an assistant counselor, and a counselor-in-training. Younger campers have an additional assistant counselor and C.I.T. Groups travel to activities where specialists also supervise them. As a result, our ratio ends up being better than 1:3, and at swim it is 1:2.

What are the choices for session length?

While camp is eight weeks long, there is an option to attend for the first four weeks or the last four. Regardless of the length of the program, there is a beginning, middle, and end. We can also accommodate a 6-week enrollment, although we definitely advocate for the full summer experience. All weeks at camp are Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4:30 pm (though our campers tell us they are having so much fun each day feels like it flies by in an instant!). The structure of the camp day is planned for the stamina of each age group. Younger campers have a brief rest time, and by attending a full day they can participate in two swims daily.

Are there additional fees?

There are no additional fees for transportation, horseback riding, 49er (5th-8th grade) trips, towel and bathing suit service, lunch and snacks, camp pictures, or video yearbook. The only added costs are suggested gratuities for group staff, bus drivers, and swim instructors, as well as the purchase of Coleman-wear.

Do you have “Color War”?

After a summer of building a close community, the last thing we want to do is cap it off with a “war.” That’s why, in the spirit of healthy and harmonious competition, we conduct Coleman Country Olympics, patterned on the traditional Olympic Games.

How do I know if Coleman Country is a good fit for my child?

You should feel comfortable with the directors and with the camp. Look closely at community and values, methods of communication, and facilities. You should also feel confident with the level of training and professionalism of the people who will be working with the campers. Ultimately, find a camp whose ideals match with yours.

Why should our family choose Coleman Country?

Our scenic location and state-of-the-art facilities speak for themselves. But what really sets Coleman Country apart is our staff. On The Ranch friendships are made, self-confidence is built, values are deeply-rooted, goals are exceeded, and life lessons are learned. We have unmatched skill in child development, unparalleled expertise in camp management, and the keenest desire for camper well-being. We provide the highest quality of staffing, programming, and facilities, all within a community that constantly strives to help each person be and do his or her best.