Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


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From Magical to Methodical

Everything we do at Coleman Country has a purpose. Recent research conducted by the American Camp Association (ACA) in collaboration with Youth Development Strategies, Inc. showed us that kids need more chances to practice leadership and decision-making. As a result, we are very deliberate about providing those opportunities.

We are particularly mindful about how learning happens at camp. We often ask questions and give choices because we want our campers to discover the answers themselves. We encourage them to learn through doing, to figure things out on their own, and to understand instead of “just know.”

As an intentional camp, we coach our kids not to say “I can't,” but rather, “I can’t yet,” or “I can try.” You’ll often hear campers declare, “I want to learn,” or “I’d like to try.” This happens because we support our children in their endeavors and remind them that it’s okay—even necessary—to make mistakes. We correct campers by asking questions and by leading with positive suggestions: “How can we solve this problem?”, “What are the options?”, “What if we tried _____?”

We also know that campers sometimes come to camp with labels for themselves, like “Nerd,” “Non-athlete,” or “Loner.” We are intentional in helping them identify their positive behaviors so they can discover new ways to describe themselves, such as: “Persistent,” (I keep trying until I succeed) or “Patient,” (I wait when needed) or “Good Friend” (I think about others’ feelings).

"School is great... but the minute they hit The Ranch, they grow exponentially. It is the most amazing thing to see." Coleman Country Parent