Coleman Country Day Camp

Coleman Country Day Camp


Grow With Us

Coleman Country Progression: Growing With Your Child

Climbing at Coleman Day Camp

At whatever age campers join us they instantly become part of our extended family, and the Coleman Country family becomes a part of them. We meet our campers right where they are—whatever age, whatever stage—and make sure that Coleman Country fulfills their needs and exceeds their dreams.

Coleman Country grows with campers, and we make sure every year includes fresh, age-appropriate activities. Daily events are always tailored to the stamina, interests, and developmental goals of each age group. Coleman Country’s carefully developed lesson plans follow a progression that advances along with each child. Our program always prioritizes safety, fun, and learning. And though we adhere to a schedule to ensure a well-rounded experience, surprises and special activities are always popping up!

Straight A’s For All!

In Coleman Country, there are no grades as everyone gets all “A’s!”! In our Adventure, Aquatics, Arts, Athletics, Artists and Athletes-In-Residence programs, each camper succeeds while gaining positive social Attributes.

"Camp is about pushing your limits, trying something new, feeling proud of both yourself and of your team. And there's no harm done if you lose a tennis match or trip during a track relay: you'll get a high-five and a 'great job!' from your whole group, anyway." Coleman Country Alumna